Tallowa Dam ride 07/14

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Tallowa Dam ride 07/14 Empty Tallowa Dam ride 07/14

Post by Musky015 on Wed Jul 30, 2014 5:53 am

Tallowa Dam ride
Once again the weather was perfect for a ride, blue sky and just a breath of breeze. I caught up to George on the HD about Wandy and was able to pull away up the Tomerong hill. Arriving at the new meeting spot (Sth Nowra Caltex) we were greeted by Phil on his new Husky, Guzzy girl Maria, Dave on his Trump and Keith on his Trump. Soon after Bob on the BMW and new member Rod on a Z900 arrived.
The plan was to visit Tom who is nursing a broken arm at Berry on the way to Tallowa. Bob led the way via Black Forrest and we picked up Barry on the W800 and Wayne on the T/bird along the way. Tom heard us coming and was out to greet us. We gathered in his shed and admired his collection. The most interesting of which was a 1879 lathe that he still uses and an old Wolf drill & stand. After about ½ hour it was time to head off. Keith was required at home so bid farewell.
Bob led the charge up the mountain to Woodhill and down to Wattamolla. I had never been over that route but will certainly do it again. That’s the sort of road made for motorcycling and the short section of dirt to keep you on your toes. On through the valley to Kangaroo Valley and a stop for the Latte set to get a mugachino. I got two take away’s from the pub (can’t have a BBQ snag [or anything else] without a beer). Rod had to return home from here.
It’s a nice ride out to Tallowa Dam although the old BSA is jetted a bit rich for the altitude and was struggling to keep up with Bob at 70mph. Turning down to the carpark I saw a bus load of kids and kayak’s, bugga there goes our BBQ. It was about 50 teenagers doing a Duke of Edinborough Award thing and were packing up to leave, good one. As it turned out I was the only one with anything to BBQ so my three snags were a bit lonely on the hotplate till Maria decided to toast her tofu sandwich. As usual it took exactly two beers to cook the snags. After about an hour of swapping stories it was time to head back, so naturally the Friendly Inn was the first stop for liquid refreshments. George kept going on the HD so as not to hold us up on the mountain.
On leaving KV we were flashed by a few cars and I thought that must be the Ambo that went through KV about 10 minutes in front of us. About ½ way up there it was assisting someone in the gutter. I couldn’t see a vehicle on my way past, so kept going. Getting to the bottom of the mountain I pulled over to wait for the others but no one showed after 5 minutes so they must have been held up at the accident. I continued on hoping to catch George. I found him at the new ARSI coffee garage at Wandy . Great place to meet and relax. I had a chat to the owners about having club functions there. They were very interested so watch the run sheet.
The short run home was good following George but had to take him going up over Myrtle Gully. Straight to the mancave for refreshments. What a great day. Cheers

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