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Robertson Ride Feb 15 Empty Robertson Ride Feb 15

Post by Musky015 on Sun Mar 01, 2015 8:42 pm

Robertson Ride Feb 15
After a few days of rain it looked good for the ride. Arriving at the Sth Nowra Caltex I fuelled up and pushed the old girl over to park. A few minutes later a puddle was forming under her (nothing unusual for an old BSA you say). On examination it was fuel coming from the top front seam near the steering head. After a few suggestions of chewing gum, needit and putty I thought it wasn’t that bad. The fuel level will drop once under way.
Eleven of us gathered and the rout was set out. Bob C, Tom, Baz, Rod, Alan, Theo, Keith, Maria, Darren, Phil and myself. Off we set via Black Forest, Gerringong, it was here that the traffic looked bad for the new bridge so I headed back to take the other way to the highway. Cruising down towards the new bridge the old girl farted and stopped. Keith stopped a minute or so later. A quick inspection (the tank had stopped leaking), nothing seemed out of place but the horn had a dull note. Tom and Baz went sailing past (is that the first time Tom has led a ride?). She fired up and sounded OK so I thought it was a loose wire. Off we went up the hill, all good, round the bends, still good. Then on approaching the first Kiama exit she did it again! That exit doesn’t seem steep until you have to push a motorbike up it. Yep a bat flattery and with electronic ignition she ain’t going nowhere. I only checked all the electrics yesterday but the Bitch Stopped Again! By now the rest of the crew had arrived and I decided to find a house to leave her.
A nice looking house with a flash car in driveway looked good. The lady there said I just missed her hubby leaving on his bike for a ride. Great a motorcycle friendly house. I then jumped on the back of Keith to finish the ride. It’s amazing the things you see when your not concentrating on the road. Houses and landmarks I’ve never seen, and the slowest trip over Saddleback I’ve ever had. Next stop was Jambaroo, I headed straight to the bar. Tom, Baz and Theo kept going up Jambaroo Mountain instead of the planed rout of Macquarie Pass. Then the rain hit. Oh well better have another beer and most of the others had a pie while we waited for the rain to pass. About half an hour later the rain eased and it was decided to take the Mountain as well. It looked like the Mountain road had missed the rain, we all thought the others would be soaked. On arriving at the Robo Pie shop there they were dry as a bone. A short stay there then off to Kangaroo Valley via Myra Vale. The whole way I was trying to ride the bike for Keith, faster here, faster there, get around him, but it didn’t work. The top box on Keith’s bike was giving my back grief big time and the pub didn’t arrive soon enough. More painkillers (beers) were consumed. Everyone was heading off in their respective directions so I climbed back on behind Keith.
The ride home was painful but enjoyable, Keith took me right to my door. So after another painkiller or two it was hitch up the trailer and retrieve the old girl. The hubby was home to help load the bike. His daughter said they saw us all at the overpass that morning. After a chat and thankyou’s it was head for home.
On inspection of the old girl the problem was found. The new (500Km old) toothed dynamo (generator) belt had snapped. The café had eaten her belt two weeks prior so no spare there. Bugga there’s no Australian supplier. An email to the English supplier complaining of the short life span. They offered a discount on two new belts and free postage. Great, but it takes at least 3 weeks to get here. A BSA forum member from WA saw my post on the forum and sent me his spare to keep me going. I hope the belts from England arrive so I have a spare for the East Gresford ride.
A big thanks to Keith for allowing me to enjoy the day.

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