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Post by Musky015 on Sun May 12, 2013 7:02 pm

Nelligan Camp – Dirt/Road Ride
What a great weekend. After being blessed with great weather for last weekends show we were once again fortunate to have such great weather for the camp out.
Having hurt my back on Thursday I decided to take the Honda on the road. A few of the dirt riders were worried I’d be throwing even bigger rocks than the old BSA did on the last dirt ride. Not this time. Five chook chasers and three road bikes gathered at the Rainbow Pie Shop to set off in different directions but all heading for the Nelligan camp ground. Phil had the Duck all loaded up with everything but the sink. He was using this ride as a shakedown for his lap of Oz ride in a month or so. Bill brought the Holden to take some luggage for the bikes. He was to ride the Matchy down later, Belinda in the car. Deb and Michael were in the ute with the supplies.
I had mapped out a course of about 95km for the dirt riders. Caz, Allen, Paul, Michael and friend were out to get dirty.
Keith and I decided to go via Majors Creek to check out another possible weekend ride. Nearing the Bay I saw two bikes up ahead. I knew who it was from about 500yds behind. Who else rides in a red & black check lumber jacket. Yep it was Bear and Campbell who were just coming down for the day. After a beer with them at the Steampacket, Keith and I headed up the hill. Not too much traffic and no cops the ride was quite enjoyable. The powers that be have changed the speed limits at Braidwood, it’s now 80 for about 3km before the town and the 50 zone has been moved out 1km. Don’t the understand the vehicals now are much safer and handle & brake better so the speed limits should be increased not decreased. On to Majors Creek, I haven’t been there for over 30 years, may as well have been 30 days as it hasn’t changed a bit bar the road into the new gold mine. A couple of beers and a dogs eye, a nice chat with the publican, it was time to head back down the hill. At the top of the mountain the Honda refused my efforts to slow her down so I just hung on and let her have fun. I think I was on my 2nd schooner by the time Keith reached the bottom.
With the arrival of the dirt riders and a report of no offs or getting lost, it was time to set up camp. Dave, George and Darren (with family in a camper) had arrived earlier, Glenda and John arrived soon after. It was quite a good turn up for a short notice trip. The contenders were, Maria, Deb & Michael, Caz & Allen, Darren + 1 ¼ , Paul, Michael & friend (sorry name gone), Keith, Dave, Bill & Belinda, Phil, John, George and me. That’s 19 ¼ .
After a few more quenching ales it was time to head for the pub for grub. Pizza’s being the popular choice. Of course it was washed down with amber fluid. Back to the camp ground for more refreshments and tall tales around the fire. It’s here things start to get a bit fuzzy but I do remember being the last to fall over in a tent. Wrapt in my go anywhere sleeping bag with arms & legs (read dryrider suit) and my helmet as a pillow it was time for zzz’s. Trying to get comfortable on the ground with 5 acupuncture needles in my back was a real pain (pun intended). The amber sedatives worked well.
I slept in a bit arising at 5:30 (normally 4:30) to find Dave up and attending the fire. Daylight arrived with a heavy fog and dew. One by one bodies arose with various amounts of pain on faces, Bill was the worst blaming Keith and his bottle of port. Deb & Michael arrived with the food wagon. I think it took 3 cups of coffee to get both eyes open and pointing in the same direction. The BBQ was lit and Bill started cooking the bacon & eggs. He did a top job considering his state of mind. After 2 B&E rolls I was feeling ½ human again it was time to pack up the wet tent (don’t ya hate that).
The dirt riders had a look at the map to plan a trip back to Milton and set of. The rest of us packed up and were on the road by 10:30. Lucky I was in cruise mode as the red highway patrol was lurking at East Lynn. A quick stop at Burrill Lake for more coffee. The short ride home ended a great weekend. My Deb had lunch ready, COLD SHOULDER & HOT TONGUE. Sat was her birthday and Sun mothers day. It’s only the depth that varies.


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