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Tallowa dam. Empty Tallowa dam.

Post by Musky015 on Mon Jul 22, 2013 6:29 am

About a dozen of us gathered at Bomaderry, sunny but cool and windy. The planed route was to Berry via Black Forest rd then up and over Woodhill to KV then on to the dam. George was going straight over on the Walla, Campbell, Bear and Dave were only going to KV then head back.
Well it didn't take long for the group to splinter. Bear was dragging the chain at the servo and lost sight of us so went straight over to KV. The front runners waited at the Woodhill turn off for quite a while and then I noticed a few bikes turn the other way to go up Berry mountain. Rather than give chase we (Mustard, Lee, Tom, Theo and I) headed up Woodhill. I had never been that way and quite enjoyed it, with wind blown twigs, cow poo and mossy corners to keep it interesting. We caught up to the short cut takers at the KV road, the long way was just as quick.
A short stop at KV for supplies (beer for me and pies for those that had no BBQ) then out to the dam. George was there (off sightseeing), Lee and Maria were the only ones to bring food for the BBQ, Tom had his thermos of soup, my frothy chops did me OK. The usual chin wag for a while then back to KV pub for refreshments. Our old bikes parked in the old servo always get interest from the tourists. And all commented on the nice shiny new red tank on my '64 A65 BSA.
Back over the mountain I got a few lucky breaks in the traffic and got over the hill in record time. Maria caught up at the hwy so we rode south together (almost) the BSA just loves carving up the traffic.
All in all a great day even with the wind.
See you all at the AGM

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