Club ride 29-09-13

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Club ride 29-09-13 Empty Club ride 29-09-13

Post by Musky015 on Tue Oct 01, 2013 6:56 am

What a ripper of a day for a ride, this one was an extra with 5 Sundays in Sept. Being my birthday Deb had to let me go, so fired up the trusty rHonda whore and headed to the meeting place at Bomo. Not expecting a large turnout I was pleased to see 5 other starters. Phil on the orange duck, Theo on the smoke screen, Tom on the beemer, George on the flat head HD, Alan on a modern, and myself. On the run sheet it said "destination to be decided on day". These often turn out to be really good rides. Tom suggested the highlands, we all agreed.
First re-group was the antique shed at the falls, I love that ride up the hills arriving a good few minutes before the rest. Alan wished to stop there as he saw a ride on mower there a week before. I can imagine him using it on club plates on our rides. George headed home from here, the old wolla prefers down hills.
Next stop was Moss Vale for fuel, the rHond was thirsty, 100km = 10lt Shocked . Off to Berrima (pub not gaol) for a beer. It's been over 30 years since I stopped there and at $5.50 for a beer it might be another 30 till next time.
With the throat lubricated it was off to Robo pie shop for lunch. Not quite as many bikes there as usual, but our classics got their fair amount of attention. The new volcano chilli pies are great, but not as hot as I like it. I'll pay for those two latter:evil: .
Next was to give the brakes a work out down Jambaroo Mountain. A blown fork seal was lubricating one of the front discs affraid  so the other two were working overtime. Made it down OK much to the distain of a few car drivers, even an orange Lotus was shamed. I was almost finished my first beer by the time the others arrived so I had to have another.
The ride home via saddleback and the sand track was a little more relaxed. Not too many coppers out on a weekend before a long weekend saving overtime and ready to hit us next weekend. We all made it home alive and no problems at all. Just a great days riding.

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