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My Day of non violance  Empty My Day of non violance

Post by wog57 on Sun Dec 29, 2013 8:02 pm

All roads out of Nowra is a good road so i was up early 6am got ready and jumped on the FJ for a ride. Traveled along Main Rd 92 saw a bunch of push bike riders across the lane so as i approached sounded my horn for their warning and the bastards thickened up the road so what to do go through the middle of the bastards. Rode to Goulbourn and had a coffee at the Paragon. Left there and road towards Braidwood staying to the limit but no cops rode through Braidwood cutting through the traffic to get a good decline no problems the road was mine no traffic to worry about till i got to Nelligen then it started to slow down to a craw (if you were in a car) then from Batemans Bay i headed up the Hwy dropping in on a fellow Ducati person and had coffee and talked shit, i then stopped off a Musky place had a chat Jumped back on the bike and road home 456 KM's in training for the T.T. Single engine is finished and fully paid for with new electrics (now to find a fitter) and the paint is in the process and soon not one but two SAFTUNE PERFORMANCE BIKES will be back together (the Millie and Single) that will confuse a few people. My engine mods are vast and supposedly impossible to do to the engine as Gowie done some of his own work and at the moment looking at fuel injection i'm in 2 worlds (maybe a smoke will help) if everything is finished it's first outing will be Broadford, just got to get the wheels laced up so that's a trip to Gunnadah to the guy that bought all my single left overs.
Hey hey hey it's another day in the world of violence but not n my mind just remember this country is made of many cultures but we are all one species. Wog57

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