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Post by Musky015 on Thu Jul 09, 2015 6:48 pm

2015 Isle of Man Musky Report
I’ve just ticked off the only thing on my bucket list. I’ve wanted to go to the IOM TT since I was a kid. I can die tomorrow a happy chappy. Oh, no I can’t, I haven’t got the chook chaser finished!
My travel companions were old riding buddies from the Sydney Tourers back in the 70-80’s. Ma & Sharon, Crab & Jo, Hughy, Demon and Wombat. The Isle won’t know what hit’em!
I left home at 11am Tuesday 2nd June and met Crab & Jo at Bomaderry station, train to Mascot. Hughy met us at the airport. 1st leg of the journey Mascot to Abu Dharbi. 14 hours in a big double decker plane (Airbus 380/800). I now know the only thing worse than hospital food is airline food. Here we met up with Demon and Wombat who flew in from Brisbane. Three hours to kill there so headed straight to Maca’s for a real feed then the bar for some cleansing ales. Next leg was an 8 hour flight to Dublin in a slightly smaller Airbus 330/300. Overnight stay in Dublin. Hughy forgot to book the motel and a hunt around found the whole place was booked out. Wombat sweet talked the young lass and she found us two rooms. The dining room served a great feed and the bar had 6 different beers. I’ll have a pint of each please. I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. Up early for the short (45 min) flight in a twin prop to the Isle. It’s now midday Thursday. Picked up the rent a wreck (Ford Focus 3cylinder 1000cc butterbox) and off to the camp grounds. Hughy drove, I was navigator. We got lost took the scenic route to St Johns FC to find our tents and beds already set up. Straight up to the pub (500 meters away) to sample the local brews (all 6 of them). I then heard a familiar sound. An old Beeza just like my black ’51 pulled up. Naturally I had to have a look, a 1950 long stroke A7 in a 1953 plunger frame, very nice. On the way back to camp I heard the whale of racing bikes through the valley. It was only a 1 kilometre walk (stagger) to Ballacraine corner. To the average Joe it would be a 65k right hander. They were doing 100MPH!!! and it was only practice. Back to camp and Ma & Sharon had arrived from their European River cruise. More beer and stories and then I noticed it was 10:30 pm and still light. How can I go to bed when it’s still light? I fell into the tent around 11:30.
Friday morning the rooster woke me, it was light enough to get up. Bloody hell it’s only 4am. So I tip toed around the campsite checking out all the bikes. 7:30 the club house opened for breaky. Two eggs, 2 sausages, 2 bacon, 2 hash browns, baked beans and coffee = $14 Australian. Caught the bus ($10 return) into Douglas for some sight seeing, souvenir shopping and a beer or three at Bushy’s bar (tent). It was then decided to walk up to the pit for a gander. 1 mile up steep hill but it was worth it. All the bikes and riders open to the public. The back down the hill to the return bus. Walked back over to Ballacraine to watch more practice. Back at the club house the bar was open and highlights of the days practice were on the box. Don’t remember crawling back to the tent.
Saturday up early again (I’m gonna get that bloody rooster). Went for walk around the block (5 miles). Today was to be the Superbike and Sidecar races. Heard on the radio it was postponed due to a helicopter crash up on the mountain. Let’s go to the pub!! Bugga, I can’t find my camera.
Sunday up early again so did the same walk in reverse. The local radio keeps us informed, they don’t usually race on Sunday but were going to do the Superbike race. Bad weather and accidents on the mountain meant the organizers had a bit of catch up to do. There was also a few qualifying sessions to do as well. A few of us grabbed the rent a wreck and went into Peel. I had some laundry to do so got it done while we toured the castle. Very impressive, originally built in the 900’s and added to over the next 700 years. Back to camp for an early lunch (3 pints of cider) then a double trip to get us all to Kirk Michael pub to watch the Supers in action. The bikes were passing the pub at 100MPH (just like me on a Friday night) and I was on the fence only 6 feet away. A 6 lap race takes about 6 pints so I’m in my element. Bruce Anstey won at an average speed of 128.75 MPH. The roads re-open quickly after the race so it’s back to camp for dinner and an early night. I find it hard to go to bed while the sun is still up.
Monday I was pleased to get my 1st good nights sleep, waking at 6am. We decided to watch the morning race 1 of the sidecars at Ballacraine. I could hear them coming along the straight then throwing it down a few gears to round the corner and blasting away up the hill. Ben & Tom Birchall won at an average speed of 115.77 MPH. The roads opened for a short while so we did the shuttle thing in the RaW to Crosby pub for the arvo supersport race. We met a few Irish lads who had been there all day. It was obvious by the glow on their faces. Ten of them had come across from Ireland that morning in a IRB (inflatable rubber boat) and were heading back after the race. They must have made it as there was no word of a rescue that night. Another crew were on a challenge to drink 24 pints in 12 hours and were well on their way. At race end the best result was ONLY 17 pints. He was talking left handed and had a wobbly boot. Oh and there was a race on as well!!Ian Hutchinson won at a speed of 125.45 MPH. Back to the local (Tynwald Inn) for refreshments then the club for dinner. Now which tent is mine!
Tuesday morning I had to go down to Douglas to buy a new mobile. The Woolworths Global Roaming sim wouldn’t work on the IOM and my old mobile spat the dummy. $40 got a new phone with enough credit to get me home. The RaW was then used to shuttle us all up to Creg-ny-baa for the afternoon Superstock race. We sat on the edge of the track at the braking marker. Watching them come down from Kates Cottage flat out and brake hard for the corner only a few feet away. Then passed the pub and down the straight towards Brandish. Ian Hutchinson got his 2nd win at a speed of 129.19 MPH. The pub there was booked out but they had a bar and eatery set up out the back. The designated driver was getting thirsty so it was back to the local for a feed and drinks.
Wednesday was a three race day so a plan of a pub on the inside of the track. Ginger Hall fitted the bill so the WaR did the double to get us all there for the Zero (electric) and the 2nd Supersport races. The zero’s went past almost unnoticed they were so quiet. John McGuinness won the 1 lap race at 119.28 MPH. Not bad from a standing start! The Supersport race was a lot more exciting. We could hear them coming down Sulby straight (top speed 195 MPH) and brake for the right onto the bridge. Then up a few gears around the gradual left hander past the pub and crank into a tight left. Their helmets missing the telegraph pole by millimetres. A few had to lift their head to miss it. Ian Hutchinson got his 3rd win at an average speed of 125.8 MPH. Four of us then jumped in the RaW and headed up the mountain to The Bungalow for the sidecar race. The Bungalow is near the top of the mountain with a tram track running across the track in the middle of a flip flop. Those passengers sure do work hard for their kicks. The Birchall boys got their second win at a speed of 116.26 MPH. Back to the pub at Ginger Hall for more beer till the road reopened then the local for more. Each evening at the club house we could watch the day’s highlights on the tv. Of course the bar there was utilized.
Thursday was a rest day (not for us). Ma and I got up early to do a lap in the RaW. We were nearing Ramsay when we heard on the radio the mountain was closed due to a bike accident. We had to take the coast road down to Douglas and back to camp. The rest of the day was a pub crawl around the track. I think it was about 10 pubs plus Bushy’s and the local.
Friday we were up early and on the road to Ramsey as the roads closed at 8:45am. Parliament Square was our choice of spots. There is two pubs there, one on the inside and the other on the outside of the track. Lucky there is a bridge over the track so we could get to both. The first race was the Lightweight, which is 650cc twins as they no longer do the 125 or 250cc classes. The lightweights are the best sounding bikes on the track and get up and go quite well. Ivan Lintin won at a speed of 118.93 MPH. Then it was time for the main event, The Senior. Basically made up of Superbikes. The 6 lap race started on time and was getting real interesting. But on the second lap the race was red flagged due to a bad accident at Cronk-y-Voddy. Cam Donald the Aussie on the Norton (best sounding bike out there) Was only a second behind and rode through the fireball and over bodywork emerging unscathed. The rider was air lifted to hospital in a critical condition. (he survived). On the way back to the pits he was hit in the head by a seagull at 100MPH. It took two hours to clean it all up. The race was restarted but due to time restrictions it was shortened to 4 laps. Then on the first lap his fuel cap came loose and sprayed fuel into his face. He finished in 19th. Watching them come out of Parliament Square into a left hander at full noise with their knee in the gutter and rattling the steel drain grate was awesome. Going up the straight John McGuinness was picking up an extra gear than the others. Explains his lap record of 132.7 MPH average and race win at 130.48 MPH. Guess what we did next. Back to the local. It was here we learned of the Post TT Races down at Castletown on Saturday.
The Saturday races were later in the day so Hughy, Wombat, Demon and I got out early for a lap in the RaW. I got to the drivers seat first. It also meant that I was the designated driver for the day. The road was dry and not too much traffic. Obeying the speed limits through the towns and the other limit (mine) elsewhere. The mountain was very foggy so I slowed to 70. we had a bit of a tour of the south of the Isle. Well we toured the pubs. Bugga. Over to Castletown to find a good viewing spot. The first spot was good but not great so we wandered further down the straight. I said to keep going and I’d go back to move the RaW a bit closer. It took me quite a while to navigate the tiny back streets till I found a spot on a grassed walk way. I saw a car parked further down with an Aussie flag on top. I said G’day and was thrust a COLD beer out of an esky with ice!! Boys from The Shire, my home ground. The racing was great and the Lightweight race had 1 two stroke. The smell of Castrol R was perfume. Racing done, round up the boys I’m thirsty. Beer and bullshite late into the night.
Sunday at breakfast we were told the pub would have the MotoGP on at 1pm so at 11 we were there for good seats. The publican shouted the first round!! How good is this, I want to live here. I can’t remember much or staggering back to camp. At a good guesstamate the 6 of us drank at least 500 pints at the local Tynwald Inn, then there’s the other pubs visited so add another 200 pints!!
Monday up early to head for the airport. The worst part of the holiday, the flight home. 23 bloody hours in 3 planes, 2 ½ hours in a train then 45 minute drive home, arriving mid arvo Wednesday. It was the trip of a lifetime and the first time out of Oz.
The Isle is so picturesque, the people are so friendly, wall to wall motorbikes, real road racing and once out of town, no speed limit. I did see another BSA A10 Goldflash, mid 50’s. Looked and sounded just right. Not so good was the price of fuel $2.60/Lt, the price of food, a salad sandwich cost $10, a hamburger is a bun and meat at $8. Beer is about the same as here $6.50 a pint. At Abu Dhabi airport pints were $17 for bloody Fosters!!! Schooners now feel like throwdowns. I’ll have to go back to try the other 100 pubs on the Isle. Total cost for the trip was $4990.00 (I got home with $10 left). The air fares were $2200, the camping was $550 (walk in walk out) and the Rent a Wreck was $150 x 6 (it was a new Ford Focus 3 cylinder 1000cc butterbox).
2017 sounds good.

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The Isle of Musky (Man) 2015 Empty Re: The Isle of Musky (Man) 2015

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The Race Results
2015 Isle of Man TT RST Superbike TT Race Results (Sunday, June 7):
1. Bruce Anstey, Vavloline by Padgetts Honda CBR1000RR: Time – 01:45:29.902; Speed – 128.749mph
2. Ian Hutchinson, PBM Kawasaki ZX-10R Ninja: 128.526mph
3. James Hillier, Quattro Plant Kawasaki ZX-10R Ninja: 127.550mph

2015 Isle of Man TT Monster Energy Supersport 1 Race Results (Monday, June Cool:
1. Ian Hutchinson, Team Traction Control Yamaha YZF-R6: 01:12.10.872, 125.451mph
2. Bruce Anstey, Valvolline by Padgetts Honda CBR100RR: 125.228mph
3. Gary Johnson, TBC Yamaha YZF-R6: 124.733mph

2015 Isle of Man TT Royal London 360 Superstock Race Results (Tuesday, June 9):
1. Ian Hutchinson, PBM Kawasaki ZX-10R Ninja: 01:10:05.298, 129.197mph
2. Michael Dunlop, MD Racing BMW S1000RR: 128.673mph
3. Lee Johnston, East Coast Construction BMW S1000RR: 128.422mph

2015 Isle of Man TT SES TT Zero Results (Wednesday, June 10):
1. John McGuinness, Mugen: 18:58.743, 119.279mph
2. Bruce Anstey, Mugen: 118.857
3. Lee Johnson, Parking Racing Victory: 111.620mph

2015 Isle of Man TT Monster Energy Supersport 2 Race Results (Wednesday, June 10):
1. Ian Hutchinson, Team Traction Control Yamaha YZF-R6: 01:11:58.750, 125.803mph
2. Bruce Anstey, Valvoline by Padgetts Racing Honda CBR600RR: 125.373mph
3. Guy Martin, Smiths Racing Triumph 675R: 124.877mph

2015 Isle of Man TT Bennetts Lightweight TT Race Results (Friday, June 12):
1. Ivan Lintin, RC Express Racing Kawasaki: 57:06.070, 118.936mph
2. James Hillier, Quattro Plant Kawasaki: 118.802mph
3. Michael Rutter, Team ILR Paton: 117.657mph

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