Presidents Ride/Nelligen Camp Out 2014

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Presidents Ride/Nelligen Camp Out 2014 Empty Presidents Ride/Nelligen Camp Out 2014

Post by Musky015 on Sun Jun 08, 2014 7:31 am

The Presidents Ride/Nelligen Camp Out 2014
Our clubs inaugural Presidents Ride/Nelligen Camp Out has been run and won. The winner being the 27 members and guests who all had a great weekend.
Last year I combined the annual Dirty Weekend dirt ride with a camp out for other non-dirt riding members. This year a road ride was incorporated as well. The plan was for both groups and other non-riding members to meet up at Nelligen to camp over. With a few accommodation choices (pub room, cabin, van or tent) and means of getting there I was hoping for a better roll up. None the less the ones that did had a great time.
We all met at the Heritage Bakery (Rainbow Pie Shop) Milton at 10 am Saturday. My apologies to Lee and Theo for the late change of departure place.
8 dirt riders on a variety of steeds ranging from a 125 Honda to a 650 BMW and of course Paul on that dirty duck, were ready to get down and dirty. Heading west and south on the Western Distributer. I had planned a more adventurous route but they don’t trust me as I was taking the road route!!!
6 road riders and 1 pillion also mustered and waved off the dirt riders. It was decided to make Bermagui our lunch destination. Dave and Russel took off ahead and missed the call for a regroup at Batemans Bay. As it turned out we caught them before the Bay. After crossing the river we encountered a bit of traffic. I pulled over but Debbie had trouble in the shape of a Semi in her way so I kept going. The bends south of the bay must have a spirit that takes control of my Honda’s throttle. Hold on and yea-ha. Slowing at Mogo for the others we cruised into Moruya and the bike swung left into the first pub. Frank, Debbie and Rob/Kay pulled in behind. No sign of Dave & Russel. They must have gone through. After a couple of refreshing ales we head off. Then I see the two amigos at the last pub eating. See you at Bermie I said. A nice casual ride south to Bermie via Wallaga Lake to the pub for lunch. A great feed, a couple of ales and a chat, I suggested to go further south but was vetoed and decided to head back up via Bodalla. Another piece or road with that mysterious need to be attacked. Nearly overheated the Honda idling at Bodalla waiting for the others. A casual ride back up till that spirit took a hold after Mogo and wouldn’t stop till the pub at Nelligen. A full schooner later the others roll in.
The dirt riders had arrived a few hours earlier so I had some catching up to do. My Deb had arrived and set up our cabin (getting soft you say) so a quick de-leather and back to the camp site. Joe had arrived the day before and set up. Theo had found his own way down on the RD and also Bob on the BMW. Jude & Garry and Glenda arrived in cars. Bill & Belinda arrived after closing their shop. Bill on the Matchy and Belinda in the chuck wagon. Lucky as she had all the dirt riders gear. As light was fading the tents went up quite quickly.
Over to the pub for drinks and dinner. Pizza was the popular choice. The beer was flowing and the stories were getting bigger, bolder and faster. It was about then Maria & Karen arrived. Being the type of bloke I am, I offered them the spare beds in the cabin instead of pitching a tent in the dark. The offer was accepted. After a while my boot was getting a bit wobbly and I needed some pain killers so I set off for the cabin. With a couple of mothers little helpers under my belt the other boot had a blow out and I fell victim to gravity. The next thing I recall is 5:30 am!!!
Over to the camp site to check on casualties. Bill was up poking about and soon there were bodies emerging from tents. There were a few “never again”s but most were good. At around 8 am Bill flared the BBQ up and the billy boiling. Breakfast of bacon & egg rolls and 100 cups of coffee went down quite well.
After the food had settled the tents started coming down and bikes packed. The dirt riders were first to leave, heading for Shallow crossing. A few of the road riders set off early and Bill & I were ready to leave. Hang on, Joe hasn’t started to pack yet. Well it was so painful to watch. He has enough gear to go around Oz just for two nights. Make note:” Joe to start packing FIRST”. A leisurely pace up the highway and all was good. At Termiel the Honda started to splutter so on to reserve. No worries I said, she’ll make it to Milton. Well it did, she spluttered to a stop at the lights in front of all the dirt riders, 400 meters from a servo!! Maria had Phil’s fuel drum in her car so a litre was poured in to get me up the hill to the servo. Thanks mate. So 201 km used 20 litres, ouch. I’ll have to put heavier springs in the carbs. A short hop home to the shed and beer fridge. Survived another one.
I’m hoping a dirt rider will write up a view of the weekend through dusty goggles.
Next year I want YOU to come too.

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